ADA Accessibility

The Food Bank is committed to making our physical spaces, website, and services accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities. We understand that accessibility is a continuous process, and we are dedicated to making improvements to ensure that our facilities are inclusive.


Physical Spaces:

Our two distribution centers are equipped with ramps and elevators to ensure accessibility for those using wheelchairs or mobility devices. In addition, we have designated parking spots for those with disabilities, and our staff is available to assist with any additional needs. Our parking lots are well-lit and marked with clear signage to indicate the accessible parking spots and entrances to the buildings. We have also implemented visual and auditory emergency systems for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The distribution centers have wide aisles and designated areas for individuals with mobility devices to navigate the distribution center easily. We have staff available to assist with loading and unloading food items for individuals who need assistance.

If, for any reason, you require privacy for nursing, space for prayer, or any other private space needs; spaces are available in each facility for your use. Please ask the front desk if you need a quiet space.


Yarmouth Administrative Offices:

The Yarmouth Administrative Office location is not fully accessible. There is a back door with a ramp, but there are two doors that an able-bodied person will need to open and hold open while a person in a wheelchair proceeds through them.


Forklift Traffic Safety:

During operational hours, the two distribution centers have heavy forklift traffic. We have marked areas where forklift traffic may occur. We ask that all individuals using our facility be mindful of these areas and exercise caution when moving around the space.


Gender-neutral Restrooms:

The two distribution centers and our Yarmouth offices have gender-neutral bathrooms available for use by all individuals.

The gender-neutral bathroom in the Auburn Distribution Center is wheelchair accessible. Still, assistance will be needed to navigate from the second floor through the first floor and distribution center entrances to the restroom area.


Service Animals:

The Food Bank welcomes service animals to our locations and will ensure they are not restricted.



Our website is designed to be accessible to screen readers and keyboard navigation. The website utilizes ReciteMe, an accessibility toolbar that can be turned on from any page. We have also included alternative text for images to ensure our content is available to all.

Watch a tutorial.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility at our Food Bank locations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to making each location accessible and welcome feedback on improving.


We will also aid individuals with disabilities in obtaining, using, or benefiting from our services in a manner that respects their dignity and independence. We also ensure that service animals are allowed to accompany their handlers to all areas of our facility where members of the public are typically allowed to go.



We welcome your feedback.