Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson, Development Communications Specialist, joined the Food Bank in October 2022. After working in development for the last few years, she has learned the art of creating visually appealing content that resonates with donors while being able to proofread documents at light speed. She is now tasked with conveying the impact of our work to donors at all levels. Her work includes strategizing and creating content highlighting the investments and aspirations of the Campaign to End Hunger in Maine. Jennifer comes to Good Shepherd Food Bank after working and volunteering with international nonprofits and has over a decade of communications experience in the private sector. She earned her bachelor’s degree in media studies, with a concentration in production and design, at the University of Southern Maine. She received her master’s degree in international studies with a focus on Latin America from Concordia University Irvine, which included fieldwork in Guatemala and Colombia. Although she grew up primarily in Southern California, it isn’t easy to pinpoint which city Jennifer is from, being the daughter of a former Marine. She has called Maine her home for over 15 years now, and she is excited to use her skills and experience, as well as her love of storytelling, to help her community and end hunger in Maine for good. When not promoting the Campaign to End Hunger, you will most likely find Jennifer traveling, hiking with her partner, or spending time with her two teens, bearded dragon and dingo, aka “Charlie, the dog.”

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