Meg Taft

Megan Taft joined Good Shepherd Food Bank in 2018 as the advocacy and community organizing manager. In this role, she responded to the strategic priority of centering the voices of those most impacted by hunger in the Food Bank’s work and decision-making. In 2019, alongside many community partners, Megan supported the Building Advocates Leadership Program (BALP) launch, a program designed to center and uplift the voices of food insecure Mainers in a statewide movement to end hunger.

In 2021, the evolving work and priorities of the Food Bank culminated in a deepening commitment to understanding the racial and economic disparities underlying hunger. Megan accepted the director of equity, diversity, and inclusion position. She has a deep background and prior professional experience leading equity and diversity work. In this role, Megan works closely with the Equity and Advocacy Team and her colleagues across the Food Bank to envision a more just and equitable food system in Maine.

Outside of her work with Good Shepherd Food Bank, Megan is the co-founder of Twin Villages Foodbank Farm, alongside her partner, Sara, and their daughter, Adley. Megan previously owned and operated Seed by Seed Farm and supported the start-up of an immigrant growers’ cooperative in Madison, Wisconsin. She has an M.Ed in Diversity and Social Justice from the University of Massachusetts, focusing on food access and security.

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