Nicole Nadeau

Nicole Nadeau, vice president of people and culture, joined Good Shepherd Food Bank in February 2010. Nadeau nurtures a high-engagement culture throughout the Food Bank’s statewide workforce that supports talent development, fosters employee wellbeing, and positions the organization to meet its short- and long-term goals. Her work is grounded in building meaningful relationships and delivering a great employee and volunteer experience. She is fascinated by learning about the energy and joy within everyone.

General Mills previously employed Nadeau in Scottsdale, Arizona. While at General Mills, she was approached by St. Mary’s Food Bank to host a volunteer group and donate cereal to the food bank. On her first experience with any food bank, she was captivated by the work the Food Bank was doing and fell in love with the spirit and essence of community support and helping others. Five years later, Nadeau moved to Maine and was excited to see an opportunity as a gift processor at Good Shepherd Food Bank. After a year in the gift processing role, she moved into the Human Resources department.

Nadeau is a volunteer working with incarcerated women in recovery as they prepare to return to their community. She offers mentorship and group support sessions at the women’s facility in Windham, Maine. She is an avid reader, explorer, and learner. She raises her three children to lead with kindness, compassion, and awareness.


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