CRF Community Table

Join us at the Table. Become a participant!

Dear Community Members,

Good Shepherd Food Bank’s Community Redistribution Fund (CRF) Team would like to extend an invitation to you to join us at the CRF Community Table, a newly formed grant review committee.

This is an opportunity for YOU to make a difference by engaging in a participatory and collective decision-making process to help redistribute Food Bank funds and resources to Maine’s Black, Brown, Indigenous, Immigrant, Refugee, and Asylum-seeking communities working to address food insecurity through culturally appropriate meals and other food-related projects.

CRF Community Table participants will receive a stipend of $500, given as a check, gift card, or donated to the organization of your choice, for your donation of time and expertise. The time commitment is estimated to be a minimum commitment of five hours during an approximately five-month timeframe.

Interested in joining us? Please fill out the application.
Applications are being accepted until Friday, February 11, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.

What is the Community Redistribution Fund?

The purpose of Good Shepherd Food Bank’s Community Redistribution Fund (CRF) is to support organizations’ efforts to increase access to culturally important foods to community members in need. This grant is intended for organizations working closely and primarily with BIPOC (Black and Indigenous people and People of Color), Immigrant, and Refugee communities.

You can learn more about the CRF and past recipients here.

An invitation to be at the decision-making table.

As we head into another year of uncertainty and great need in our communities, especially Black, Brown, Indigenous, Immigrant, Refugee, and Asylum-seeking (BIPOC) communities who are disproportionately impacted by the global pandemic, Good Shepherd Food Bank’s CRF Team invites members of the public, especially members of BIPOC communities, to be participants on the CRF Community Table during Spring 2022.

As a participant of Good Shepherd Food Bank’s CRF Community Table, you will be empowered and supported as part of a team of collective decision-makers reviewing and together approving funding requests for projects that help address food insecurity among Maine’s BIPOC communities. In addition, participants will serve in an advisory capacity to help the CRF Team improve and develop criteria used to review and approve funding requests.

Breaking down barriers to participation.

Understanding that the CRF Community Table will require significant time, effort, and energy for participants, and acknowledging that many BIPOC community members are often asked to provide their expertise free of cost, the Food Bank is committed to providing stipends, staff support, and reasonable accommodations to encourage participation from people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Participants will be provided with an orientation packet and a 1-hour onboarding session. During this session, participants will learn more about the Food Bank’s mission/vision and how we operate in the state of Maine, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and provide input on the structure of the review process, eligibility criteria, timeline, and guiding principles. Participants are required to attend the Food Bank’s CRF Community Table Review Committee in April 2022, likely a Saturday, with more details to come.

Participation at-a-glance.

Stipend: $500
Timeframe: Mid-January to Mid-May 2022
Estimated Minimum Time Commitment: 5 Hours

  • February: Orientation and Q&A Session (1 hour)
  • April: Community Table Review Retreat (3 hours)
  • May: Final Approval Meeting (1 hour)

Community Table Participant Process Timeline

  • January: Open Invitation to Community Table
  • Early February: Confirm Community Table Participants
  • Mid-February: Orientation and Q&A Session for Participants
  • March 1: CRF Application and Review Process Begins
  • April: Community Table Review Retreat
  • Mid-May: Final Approval Meeting

Contact the CRF Team

Have questions?

Marpheen Chann
(207) 245-2173

Khadija Ahmed
(517) 894-3098