Video Three: Inspecting Product and Food Safety Recalls

Transcript: Welcome back to the third of four videos from Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine. By now, I feel like we’re old friends. In this segment, we’ll be talking about safe ways to inspect products and what you should do if there’s a food safety recall. There are three common types of code dates on food products, and most products are still safe to eat past these dates. Refer to the Food Keeper Guide for more information on how long food is good beyond the printed dates or code dates. Some products also have a packing or manufacturing date that is used by manufacturers for tracking and recalls. It is important to note baby food and infant formula cannot be distributed beyond their printed code date. Inspecting any product, whether from the food bank retailers or from individual donors, is imperative to food safety. Here are a few examples of when to dispose of products that you may have in your agency. Thank you for completing the third of four videos in Good Shepherd Food Bank’s Food Safety Training course. You are now in the home. Stretch up next, storing food safely.