Member of Feeding America

We Believe

No one in Maine should face hunger. And we believe there is a solution to the problem of hunger in Maine. For every person who is experiencing food insecurity, there are even more Mainers willing and able to reach out with a helping hand.

Campaign to End Hunger

Today, over 180,000 Mainers rely on Good Shepherd Food Bank and its network of partners — and nearly 30% of these citizens are children.

Our mission is simple: by 2025, all those struggling with hunger will have access to the nutritious food they need to thrive, when and where they need it. We want to raise $250 million to make that a reality.

Working with food donors, philanthropic supporters, and local partners across the state, we will help reduce the impact of hunger in our state and make Maine a stronger, better place to work and live.

Chipman Farms fields of small plants with three large red greenhouses