Advocacy Advisory Council

Good Shepherd Food Bank is committed to advocating on behalf of Mainers who are facing food insecurity.

Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine developed the Advocacy Advisory Council in 2022 to support building our advocacy agendas to address the root causes of hunger, created in collaboration by an equal partnership of people with lived experience, Food Bank staff, and members of the Board of Directors, and community organizations.

The mission of Good Shepherd Food Bank is to eliminate hunger in Maine by improving access to nutritious and culturally relevant food for people in need, building strong community partnerships, and mobilizing the public in the fight to end hunger. We are committed to increasing resources to address the root causes of hunger, and we are committed to centering the experience of those living in poverty and hunger in all of our work. Necessarily, our advocacy work must address issues that not only affect food insecurity today but also issues that contribute to strengthening food security in the long term and must be informed by those living the issues.

Two children eating apples

Interested in becoming a member of the Food Bank's Advocacy Advisory Council?