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Our History

As a nonprofit organization, we have been committed to fighting hunger in Maine since 1981. Founded by JoAnn Pike and a group of committed volunteers, the organization started as a small, grassroots effort to provide food to those at risk of hunger in the Lewiston area.

Over the years, Good Shepherd Food Bank has grown to become the largest hunger-relief organization in Maine, serving over 140,000 individuals every year. The organization has expanded its reach to include all 16 counties in the state, and now has over 600 locations where people can access food, including food pantries, meal programs, and mobile distributions.

Bags of apples at a pantry partner.

Our efforts and growth

See how the Pikes’ efforts have made a lasting impact on eliminating hunger in the state of Maine.

“It is a shame to waste good food.”

JoAnn Pike embraced this simple lesson taught to her by her mother when she began supplementing her own family’s nutrition with salvaged foods from behind their local grocery store.

She and her husband Ray soon began to share the food they regularly procured to others experiencing hunger in their prayer group. Seeing the positive effects it had on their local community, many in the group saw a need to create a food bank in Maine.

With the combined efforts of the Pikes, donations, volunteers, and partnerships, Good Shepherd Food Bank was established and the official effort to eliminate the widespread issue of food insecurity in our state was put into motion. 

Help Good Shepherd Food Bank do more good

Whether you’re looking to donate food, money, or your time, we appreciate your interest in our mission to eliminate hunger.