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Research & Evaluation

We believe the more we know about people experiencing hunger in our network, the more effectively we can measure our impact, allocate resources, and successfully advocate on their behalf. Our research & evaluation efforts allow us to understand the meal gap better, prepare our strategies, and contribute to a fuller future.

Service Insights on MealConnect

We work with partner agencies to record information about their services and neighbors using Feeding America’s data collection tool, Service Insights on MealConnect (SIMC).

Online Data Collection

A browser-based software, SIMC provides a streamlined intake process resulting in improved data security and network-wide coordination.

Power of Data

The data collected serves to measure impact and generate reports about community demographics to improve programs and services and strengthen requests for support.

State-Wide Impact

Aggregated and de-identified data from the Service Insights Initiative is used to inform policy priorities and strategic decisions locally, as well as at the state and regional levels.

Get Involved

To learn how your agency can benefit from the Service Insights Initiative, contact Jada Wensman (

What is Service Insights on MealConnect?

SIMC is web-based software made specifically for food banks and food pantries by Feeding America. The entire database is online, accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Additional resources


Use our ToolKit to help you easily get started! Reference handbooks, view and download additional resources, watch informative videos, and get tips to help your organization get setup.

Partner Agencies

Learn what it means to be a Good Shepherd Food Bank Partner Agency. Join our organization of 600+ food assistance programs working to eliminate hunger in the state of Maine.

The Research & Evaluation Support Team

Meet the team that supports our research and evaluation efforts.