Eligibility, Guidelines, and Our Commitment to You as Partner Agencies


All Partner Agencies operating a food pantry within the Good Shepherd Food Bank network, regardless of hours of operation, size of staff/volunteers, pounds of food distributed, or current intake process, are eligible for the Service Insights Initiative opportunity, unless one of the following is true:

  • Your organization has delinquent debt over 60 days to Good Shepherd Food Bank.
  • Your organization is on suspension status with Good Shepherd Food Bank.
  • Your organization’s contractual obligations are otherwise considered to be in ‘non-compliance’ with Good Shepherd Food Bank.



All Partner Agencies who participate in the Service Insights must sign an agreement to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Must adhere to the collection methodology of Good Shepherd Food Bank’s Service Insights Initiative.
  • Must agree, in good faith, to attempt to collect ALL data from pantry patrons.
  • Must participate in Good Shepherd Food Bank’s in-person training sessions.
  • Must agree to participate in focus groups and/or surveys to assess their experience.
  • Must agree to make a reasonable effort to protect the gathered information.


Our Commitment to You as Partner Agencies

We will treat you and your information with dignity and respect.
We respect your patron’s choice in providing information. While basic, administrative information will assist Good Shepherd Food Bank in improving its service, no patron should be refused service nor see their service altered or diminished as a result of their choice to either provide or not provide information on the uniform intake process. (TEFAP requirements and provision notwithstanding).

We will keep your information safe and secure.
We will guard all patron information provided to the best of our ability, and where applicable, in accordance with all grant/contract requirements and professional ethics standards. We will not provide or otherwise distribute ANY identifying patron information to any entity outside of our network.

We will only use this information to provide better services to you.
By providing information to us, you are helping us to tailor our services to the communities we serve. We will not use the information you provide to us to monitor your activity to limit or refuse services to you. We will commit to assisting your organization with the production of reports that will be useful to your stakeholders based on this information and will use the information you provide only to improve our own services.