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Gregory’s Story

Gregory worked in non-profits for 40 years helping others, and he has the stories to prove it. He lets out a hearty laugh while reminiscing on the day a call from the Coast Guard came in while working at a food bank. The Coast Guard had caught a boat fishing illegally for lobster, and did not want usable food to go to waste. “Lobster at the soup kitchen tonight!” Gregory proclaimed as the laughter continued.

The look of enjoyment and warmth on Gregory’s face as he scanned the library of stories in his head made it hard to believe that underneath all the happiness was plenty of hardship. After having 4 daughters in a 5 year span, becoming homeless for nearly a year, and moving back home to Maine, Gregory truly is someone who has seen just about everything. Retirement was never something he had planned for, and the cost of living along with caring for his wife have placed Gregory on the receiving end of the line he used to serve. “Never thought I’d be on this side of things, but that’s what it’s here for.”

Gregory is one of the many faces of food insecurity who rely on services like pantries to provide them with access to food. In order to end hunger in Maine, we all have to work together.