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Chase Stream Farm

For many, the answer to “What would you like to do when you retire?” is something that includes relaxing, traveling, maybe picking up a new hobby. For retired Marines Anne and Tim Devin, the answer was leaving D.C. and moving to Monroe to run an organic farm. Chase Stream Farm was not originally their retirement plan, but after learning about the benefits farming can provide to Veterans, everything started to fall into place.

“The therapy of farming, being independent and away from people, and being with animals and dirt just makes sense.”

When Chase Stream Farm’s program is up and running, Veterans will have the ability to learn how to do just about anything you can imagine in agriculture. Currently Anne and Tim have organic vegetables, bees, sheep, pigs, chickens, a small orchard, a maple syrup setup, and are always looking to learn new things that they will one day pass onto their Veterans.

Thank you Anne and Tim for your hard work as a Mainers Feeding Mainers partner, and your dedication to helping those in need!

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