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Apple Corps Ambassador, Misty Coolidge – Manhattan, NY

In June of 2021, Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine’s Apple Corps Ambassador, Misty Coolidge, was crowned the national United Service Ambassador for the Worldwide USA Pageant system. Misty has been traveling the country #crushinghunger by volunteering at Feeding America food banks and helping to raise awareness for food insecurity.

Her first stop after being crowned was Manhattan, New York, where she volunteered with City Harvest at the Prince Hall Mobile Market in September 2021. City Harvest is New York City’s largest food rescue organization, helping feed more than 1.5 million New Yorkers who are facing food insecurity.

On that early fall day, volunteers were stationed at several sidewalk tables and distributed thousands of pounds of fresh produce directly to those who needed it. Misty passed out ears fresh corn and cucumbers to families, seniors, and individuals.

“It was very emotional at times, especially when small children, the same ages of my children would come through the line without parents. I couldn’t help but think, where are their parents and what circumstances could they be going through to allow them to be on the streets alone,” Misty recalled. “It was very hard at times but also an incredible, heart-warming experience that I will carry with me.”

That day, the team of volunteers distributed 16,176 pounds of food, including corn, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, dole fruit cups, and canned goods to 460 households.

Misty’s next stop is Los Angeles! If you’re interested in following Misty’s journey, you can find her on Facebook or follow along by visiting the Ambassador tag in the Latest News section of Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine’s website,