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Farm Fresh Rewards are Changing!

We’re excited to share that the voucher system for Farm Fresh Rewards will be turning digital starting in April 2023 and has increased varieties of eligible products!

Additional details will be coming soon.

“This program is on many levels a life-saver, in that I get to eat…good quality food, I get to support my local farmers and vendors, and in my mind, all of that is a win-win. Overall the mental and physical health benefits and the opportunity to get more food are huge for me. It’s a big deal.”

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Participating Retail Stores

Helpful Tips for Using Farm Fresh Rewards

  • USE ALL PAPER VOUCHERS BEFORE THEIR EXPIRATION DATE OF APRIL 30, 2023. These vouchers are not transferable to the new point-of-sale discount program beginning on May 1, 2023.
  • Buy more, get more: Get a $5 voucher for every $10 spent on local food with SNAP/EBT.
  • Use the map above to find participating locations, and look for in-store labels to find local food.
  • Vouchers can be used for fresh, frozen, and dried local fruits and vegetables grown in Maine and contain no added salt, sugars, or fats. Local, food-producing seeds and seedlings count too!
  • Each voucher is worth $5. You must spend the full $10 on local food w/ SNAP/EBT to earn one, and you must spend the full $5 on fruits and veggies to use one. Look for small local items (like garlic) to help round up.
  • Vouchers can be spent on your next purchase or saved for later in the season.
  • Remember to check the expiration dates on your vouchers – use them before it is too late!
  • Vouchers can be used at any store participating in the Farm Fresh Rewards program. You do not have to spend them at the stores where you earned them.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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This program began under Maine Farmland Trust and is now a program of Good Shepherd Food Bank. It is supported by USDA FINI through Farm Fresh Rhode Island.


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