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Food Safety Training

An Introduction from President Heather Paquette

Understanding the importance of food safety and the role we play.

Course Contents

Begin Your Training

Food Safety Training 101

After watching the four videos, please scroll down to the assessment buttons to take your test.

Individual video links:

Understanding the Importance of Food Safety and the Role We Play
Transporting and Receiving Product
Inspecting Products and Food Safety Recalls

Training Complete

After watching the fourth video, How to Store Food Safely, your Food Safety Training is complete. Please scroll down to the assessment section to take your test when you are ready.

How to Store Food Safely

Food Safety Training Assessments


This Food Safety Training is not intended to be all-encompassing. Good Shepherd Food Bank’s main focus for this training is on inspecting donated and purchased food, and transporting, storing, and distributing food safely. Programs that prepare hot or cold meals for consumption by community members must seek increased food safety training in addition to this course.