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Cause Marketing Application


Thank you for your interest in supporting Good Shepherd Food Bank by helping raise funds to feed those in need.

Each year, we’re approached by many caring organizations who would like to partner with us for cause marketing promotions. Unfortunately, we can’t accept every request. In order to efficiently review and respond to each request, we’re asking you to fill out the form below. The more information you are able to provide about your promotion, the more readily we will be able to assess if it aligns with our development strategies.

More Details

The food bank frequently receives heartfelt requests from individuals and organizations to host special promotions and contribute a portion of the revenues less out of pocket expenses (“percentage of net proceeds”) to us. We welcome these requests and have drafted the following requirements to protect both the organizations and Good Shepherd Food Bank. In order for a cause marketing promotion to be considered, the following procedures must be followed.


Cause marketing promotions are implemented by outside organizations for the benefit of Good Shepherd Food Bank, with minimal or no assistance from the food bank staff or volunteers.

The sponsoring organization must be respected in the community and one whose reputation will enhance Good Shepherd Food Bank’s public image. Care should be taken to ensure the sponsoring organization is not using the food bank’s name to offset bad publicity or to improve an otherwise unfavorable public image.


Each year, Good Shepherd Food Bank receives many requests from caring organizations who wish to hold an event and/or promotion to benefit the food bank. Because of the volume of these requests, we are unable to participate in every proposed promotion. The food bank utilizes this fundraising strategy to ethically and effectively generate resources for our agencies and the people they serve. We retain the right to refuse any event/promotion or appeal.

Giving Criteria

Please note:

  • Staff and/or volunteers’ presence at an event is never guaranteed and is determined on a case-by-case basis and is usually related to revenue and exposure levels. 
  • Presence on Good Shepherd Food Bank’s website and/or media assistance is never guaranteed, and is decided on a case-by-case basis and is usually related to revenue levels. 
  • Good Shepherd Food Bank does not share or sell its internal list of donors or supporters. 
  • Per IRS guidelines, Good Shepherd Food Bank cannot “endorse” the sponsor’s brand/product or provide a “call to action” that causes financial benefit to the sponsor. 
  • Use the Good Shepherd Food Bank’s tax identification number requires the food bank’s prior approval. 
  • The sponsoring organization should provide Good Shepherd Food Bank with a list of targeted corporate sponsors. The food bank reserves the right to exclude solicitation of specific sponsors.
  • If only a portion of the proceeds will go directly to Good Shepherd Food Bank, the sponsoring organization must clearly disclose to purchasers, participants, etc., the approximated amount of dollars and/or percent of the proceeds that will go to the food bank. 
  • The third-party will tender the percentage of net proceeds from the promotion to Good Shepherd Food Bank within forty-five (45) days of the event. 

Additional Criteria

  • A license and indemnification agreement should be signed by both parties and accompanied by a detailed description, including a budget, promotional objectives, and a minimum guarantee of monies to be provided to Good Shepherd Food Bank. Please note, the license and indemnification agreement will include a mutual hold harmless language and insurance requirements. 
  • The fundraising event or appeal organizer/sponsor/organization agrees to indemnify, refund and hold Good Shepherd Food Bank harmless against and in respect to any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses, obligations, liabilities, damages, recoveries, and deficiencies, including interests, penalties, and reasonable attorney’s fees that shall be incurred or suffered by Good Shepherd Food Bank which arise, result from or relate to the fundraising event or appeal, the organizer/sponsor/organization’s performance of its agreement as specified in these guidelines and the Fundraising Event/Promotion Application Form. 
  • Good Shepherd Food Bank reserves the right to decline the support of individuals, corporations, foundations, or civic organizations if they are deemed to be a conflict with the mission of the organization.

Any information you distribute, publish or send out using the Good Shepherd Food Bank logo or name, including advertisements, social media campaigns, and press releases, must be approved by the Good Shepherd Food Bank.