Harvesting Good

Frozen Vegetables on a
Heart-Warming Mission

In 2021, Feeding America

estimates that 42 million people in America may face hunger. All around us, there is an abundance of cheap, empty calories, yet families struggle to get healthy meals on the table. Local farmers fight to earn a living and rural communities are suffering from years of economic hardship. We need a food system that provides healthy food for all, a working business model for small and mid-size farmers, and supports thriving communities.

As a result of food producers and supermarkets deploying more efficient inventory management and distribution systems, food donations are flat or declining. To meet this challenge, we must find new sources of healthy food.

Man in red and black flannel loading cereal boxes and food from Burlington Food Pantry into car's trunk.

Harvesting Good is

a for-profit public benefit corporation and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine.

Its mission is to improve access to nutritious food for all consumers and strengthen regional food systems by creating a mid-scale food processing venture. Currently, local food is largely only available during the region’s short growing season, limiting farmers’ opportunities and consumer availability. Existing large processors are not available to the small and mid-size farms in the region. Smaller processors tried to fill this void but have been unable to produce a widely available and affordable product.

To capitalize on this mid-market opportunity, Harvesting Good is launching a revolutionary business model in the form of a completely transparent frozen food processing system that produces affordable, healthy food, supports local farms, and strengthens rural communities.

It all starts in late 2022, with broccoli florets:

  • Grown by Circle B Farms in Caribou, Maine
  • Flash-frozen by W.R. Allen in Orland, Maine
  • Packaged by Jasper Wyman & Son in Cherryfield, Maine
  • Sold by Harvesting Good to retailers and wholesalers throughout the Northeast

Harvesting Good - Circle B Farms Broccoli

For ordering or additional information, please contact:

Matt Chin
President of Harvesting Good
(207) 415-1705