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How to Host a Virtual Food Drive for Hunger Action Month!

Hosting a Virtual Food Drive is simple, here’s a few steps to follow!

Step 1: Set Your Goal 🎯

Decide how much you want to raise to support Good Shepherd Food Bank during Hunger Action Month. Every dollar counts!

Step 2: Choose Your Platform 📲

Use a computer or a smartphone to create an account!

Step 3: Customize Your Drive 🎨

Personalize your Virtual Food Drive page with your story, photos, and why you’re passionate about the Food Bank’s mission to ending hunger in Maine.

Step 4: Spread the Word 📣

Share your Virtual Food Drive on social media, email, and chat groups. Encourage friends, family, and colleagues to share it too.

Step 5: Get Creative 🌈

Think outside the box! Host virtual events, challenges, or contests to engage donors. Maybe a virtual cooking class or a fun food-themed quiz?

Step 6: Highlight Impact 📈

Keep your supporters updated on progress. Share how their contributions are making a difference and thank them personally.

Step 7: Keep it Going! 🔄

Hunger doesn’t stop after Hunger Action Month. Consider making your Virtual Food Drive an ongoing effort to support your community.

Remember, every dollar raised through your Virtual Food Drive helps Good Shepherd Food Bank provide nutritious meals to those in need. 🍽️ Your efforts can truly make a significant impact, so get started today and be a part of the solution! Learn more, here.