Mainers Feeding Mainers


We welcome local food producers throughout Maine to join our work to eliminate hunger in the state.

Good Shepherd Food Bank launched Mainers Feeding Mainers by forming partnerships with the people who work the land and the sea, to provide food for Mainers facing hunger. Our goal: to get fresh and nutritionally balanced Maine-harvested food to Maine families in need.

Since launching the program in 2010, we have worked with more than 50 farm partners to acquire and distribute over 5 million pounds of fresh, Maine-grown food to families in need.

For more information, contact Nancy or (207) 782-3554 x1109

Interested in becoming a farm partner? Fill out our Farm Partner Application > For more information, contact Connie or (207) 782-3554 x1167

Mainers Feeding Mainers is made possible through the generous support of the John T. Gorman Foundation, Elmina B. Sewall Foundation, Sandy River Foundation, John Merck Fund, Betterment Fund, Sam L. Cohen Foundation, New Balance Foundation, and other supporters.