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Everyone Has a Part to Play in Ending Hunger

When I’m speaking with people in the community about the donations we receive at Good Shepherd Food-Bank, I often say that I consider the checks for $5 just as important – if not more important – than the checks for $50,000. The cynics among us may think this comment seems contrived or insincere, but I’m actually being truthful in what I say. I consider the thousands of small contributions we receive each week equally valuable as large corporate donations because these contributions are proof that thousands of people across the state are taking action and doing their part in the fight against hunger in Maine.

Hunger is a pervasive problem in every community across our state and because of that reality every person must play a part in finding a solution to this collective problem. Recently a note passed over my desk. It was written by a 3rd grader named Rachel who was sending a donation because she loves to help people. At a young age, Rachel has already learned that she has a role in ending hunger.

And making a donation is by no means the only way to take action. The thousands of volunteers that inspect and sort food in our Auburn warehouse each year are doing their part. The thousands of volunteers who work tirelessly every day at hunger relief charities across the state are doing their part. The many businesses and community groups that provide food to us and our partner agencies are doing their part. And the parents who teach their children to show kindness to others and give to those who are less fortunate, as Rachel’s parents surely did with her, are certainly doing their part.

Governor Paul LePage has joined with other governors across the nation to declare September Hunger Action Month. In the spirit of this proclamation, let’s make a point this month to remind our friends and family, our coworkers and neighbors, and ourselves, that everyone has a part to play in ending hunger in Maine.

God Bless,

Rick Small, President & CEO