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Our March Newsletter

In this issue of Helping Hands, we’re sharing stories of people who are going through a hard time in their life. For so many Mainers, the winter months are exceptionally difficult. The seasonal nature of the tourism industry means many people are out of work over the winter. The cost of heating homes can take a toll on a family’s finances. In fact, over 70 percent of the people we serve have to choose between paying for heat and paying for food. By providing nutritious food to families like Nicole’s, we’re helping them stretch their income so they don’t have to make these difficult choices.

We’re also ensuring that the families we serve have access to the nutritious food they need to live healthy lives. I’ve always been passionate about eating well. One of the first things I did volunteering at Good Shepherd Food Bank was start up our Cooking Matters program, the same program that is helping people like Lori learn to make healthier food. Teaching people how to choose and cook nutritious meals is one way to remove barriers to healthy eating.

Since that time, I’ve become even more committed to improving access to healthy food to everyone who is in need. Whether it’s developing our Mainers Feeding Mainers program or building our grocery rescue program or sourcing more nutritious items to include in our distributions, all of these programs are helping break the cycle of poverty by providing foods that lead to better health.

Your support of the Good Shepherd Food Bank is what makes it possible to provide the most nutritious food to the families who come to us needing help. Thank you for your commitment to helping these families like Nicole’s get back on their feet.

With gratitude,

Kristen Miale