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Your small gestures are making a big difference

During this time of year, you’ll hear people talk about the “holiday spirit” – that intangible feeling floating in the air from Thanksgiving through New Years Day. One reason why I love this mood that people share during the holidays is because everyone seems to take a moment to slow down and reflect. True, the holiday season is perhaps the busiest time of the year, but at the same time, we’re stopping to think about those less fortunate than us.

Even if it’s just for a moment, many people are taking time out of their busy lives to write a check or bring a donation in for their office’s holiday collection. To each individual, this might seem like a small gesture. But from where I sit, I can tell you – your small gestures are having a huge impact.

We are so grateful for all the businesses, organizations, community groups, and individuals who are bringing us donations for the holiday season. There are countless food and fund drives going on around the state, and the support we are receiving is making all the difference for families in need around the state.

Winters can be tough in Maine – families have to make difficult decisions in order to maintain their homes and provide for their children. And during the holiday season, budgets are stretched even further. That’s why you can be sure, when you give a donation to the Food Bank this time of year, you are literally bringing a bit of holiday joy to a fellow Mainer.

Below is a photo from the employees at Cross Insurance in Portland. They held a food drive before Thanksgiving and brought over 500 items to Good Shepherd Food Bank. This is just one example of many, many generous drives the Food Bank has benefitted from lately.

Please know, your support is greatly appreciated! Send us your photos – we would love to share your successes here on our blog. 

Cross Insurance