Corporate Partners for a Hunger-Free Maine

Corporate Partners for a Hunger-Free Maine is a group of socially responsible corporations and their corporate foundations that support Good Shepherd Food Bank’s mission through monetary gifts and/or food donations. By measuring impact in meals, the Food Bank honors the variety of ways our corporate partners contribute to the fight against hunger.

Transformational Partner9 million+ Meals
Visionary Partners200,000+ Meals
Leadership Partner 100,000 – 199,000 Meals
Mission Partners50,000 – 99,999 Meals
Guiding Partner 20,000 – 49,999 Meals
Supporting Partner 10,000 – 19,999 Meals

Transformational Partner

Visionary Partners

Leadership Partners

Mission Partners

Guiding Partners

Supporting Partners

Interested in becoming a Corporate Partner?

Please contact Georgia Jenkins at, (207) 782-3554 ext. 1140.