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It’s Time to Talk Turkey!

Girl eating turkeyWith Thanksgiving quickly approaching, there is quite a bit of Turkey Talk going on around the Food Bank. Distributing 10,000 turkeys to hundreds of nonprofit organizations across Maine is no small feat; it takes a great deal of work on the part of many people here at the Food Bank and at our partner organizations to make our annual turkey distribution a success.

Here at the Food Bank, the operations department purchases 10,000 birds and helps coordinate receiving and distributing the shipments. Our agency services team works with our partner agencies to distribute the turkeys fairly based on how many clients each agency serves. Our development department kicks fundraising into high gear, bringing in donations to cover the cost of purchasing the turkeys. And our partner agencies work hard to make sure the turkeys make it onto Thanksgiving tables across the state.

Is it a challenge to commit to buying 10,000 turkeys for our partner agencies? Of course it is. But we believe that all Maine families should be able to share a holiday meal together at Thanksgiving and so we’re doing all we can to ensure that happens.

When this time of year comes around and Turkey Talk can be heard throughout the Food Bank, I’m reminded how much work it takes on the part of so many to feed Maine’s hungry. Everyone can be a part of this effort – right now we need donations to help cover the cost of the turkey distribution and we need people to reach out to their local food pantry to help out. While 10,000 turkeys may seem like a lot, it’s not enough to meet the need. Our partner agencies need people in their communities to step up to help fill the gap.

Thank you for helping us ensure that all Maine families have a special meal this Thanksgiving!

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